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QUESTION: Do I Need A Real Estate Broker/Agent Who Is Familiar With My Local Market?


That would be nice, but definitely not the most important criteria when selecting a real estate broker when you are doing a short sale on your house.

Far and away, the most important thing is experience. You want to work with a real estate broker or real estate agent that has been doing short sales for at least two years. Hopefully around 3-5 years. We have been going through the short sale and real estate downturn since 2008 and you ideally want to find a broker who got started with short sales early on.

The next is volume. You want a real estate agent who is actively listing a dozen or more short sales at a time. A broker who regularly closes 2-5 short sales every month. In order to get to that volume, they will have had to implement systems for success. You want to work with the professionals who are staffed and geared up to deliver success for you.

The true key to a short sale is knowing how to list the property, market it, and get it under contract in a way that convinces your lender that the offer received is the best available, and will net them more money than if they took it back as a foreclosure and had to sell it themselves.

Our brokers all follow our systematic formula for opening list pricing, stair-step price reductions, and buyer offer validation. We pay for a independent third-party price valuation, and provide that to the lender. We position ourselves as partners with the lender to help them facilitate the sale, rather than adversaries that are there to fight them. We have found great success is our brand of persistent professionalism.

We are a end to end short sale service. We have short sale listing brokers on our team who will meet all of your needs. Working together, we only have one goal - which is to help you settle your mortgage accounts in the most favorable terms possible.

If you are a homeowner, and would like to learn more about short selling your home, please go to: http://seattleshortsales.com/homeowners/

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